3-Ply Personal Mask (White) - 50 Masks per box

3-Ply Personal Mask (White) - 50 Masks per box

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3-Ply Personal Mask (White) $0.45 per mask.
Our 3-ply personal disposable mask with elastic earloops is a comfy yet correct fit for most adults and kids. Ideal for running errands, dog walking, or visits to the post office, pharmacy, or grocery store, this easy-to-wear mask protects wearers from airborne droplets and protects others from coughs and sneezes of the wearer.
  • 50 Masks/Box
  • 40 Boxes/Case
  • Individually Wrapped

More Details

This pleated 3-ply disposable facemask is comfortable to wear and features the important pliable nosepiece to ensure a good fit. When used in conjunction with thorough hand washing and acceptable social distancing, these masks help slow the spread of airborne illness in public spaces where people may be in close quarters (or when caring for someone who is unwell). These masks are made of latex- and fiberglass-free non-woven material that is hypoallergenic and droplet-resistant; the masks are held securely in place by stretchy bands that fit easily over the ears.
Why 3 layers?
Non-woven fabric is a material made from fibers that are bonded together without weaving or knitting, using chemical, heat, or mechanical means. Here, an outer layer provides your first line of defense. A middle layer is created using a “melt-blown” process whereby high-velocity air blows a molten resin to form a fine fibrous web which creates a highly effective filter, and a soft inner layer creates a gentle feel again the skin. Together, these three layers form a mask which is rated as having 95% BFE, Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. In other words, three layers provide significantly more protection than any homemade cotton mask can.

Product Features

  • DISPOSABLE -Ensures clean PPE with every use. Use daily.
  • PROTECTIVE - An outer fabric, a middle filter, and a soft inner layer provide protection against airborne droplets or sprays.
  • DESIGNED FOR EASE - Soft elastic ear loops are simple to put on and eliminate ear pinching or tangled ties.
  • ALL-PURPOSE FIT – This facemask fits most adults and kids.
  • PRACTICAL – Ideal for areas where social distancing is a challenge.

Proper Mask Usage

The key to the successful use of this lightweight breathable single-use mask is to properly wear and dispose of it.
Be sure to follow these steps:
  • Always wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based disinfectant BEFORE putting on your mask.
  • Make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask; your mouth and nose should be fully covered.
  • Place the mask so that the bendable edge is at the top; adjust this nosepiece so that it fits snugly around the bridge of the nose and forms a good seal.
  • The inside of the mask should be facing you. Place the mask over your mouth and nose and gently place the loops around your ears.
  • Do not touch the mask while wearing it; if you do, clean your hands immediately.
  • If your mask becomes damp, replace it. Re-use is NOT recommended.
  • When it’s time to take off or replace your mask, remove it from behind and dispose of it immediately in a closed bin. (Don’t touch the front of the mask!) Be sure to your clean hands with alcohol-based disinfectant or soap and water right after removal.
These face-fitting masks are easy to wear and dispose of. There’s no need to re-sterilize them. No daily washing. Simply stock a good supply so that you always have access to clean masks that are ready to wear and share with family, neighbors, employees, and anyone who is unwell or caring for someone ill at home. (These are not hospital-grade masks and are only intended for consumer use.)

Important Note:

Shipments are arriving weekly and we anticipate being able to meet your needs quickly. We are doing our very best to expedite all orders.


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